Winter Fair preparations.

The time is definitely upon us for Christmas gift buying and festive cheer. 

This year we only have two winter craft fairs (see our craft fair page for information) although the Holkham Hall shop is open every day until Christmas for the first time and will also be stocking our goodies. 

Videos from the Forge

To give a tiny insight into the world of the Forge we have recorded some clips to show the stages of making a small piece we sell at fairs.

There are three parts to the making of a steel acorn... 

Making the cup... 

Drawing out the stem...  

Shaping it up... 

Crane Repair

We were brought an 8ft cast bronze crane in a very sorry state. It was missing it's lower mandible which we were to replace. We looked at forging it but getting a small piece of silica bronze of the right size was too tricky. 

In the end I whittled a wooden beak out of hardwood and cast it in an open faced green sand mould, and fettled it to its final shape. Some light TIG welding with bronze filler rod and a couple of coats of toumaline patinated the new to match the old.

new beak time

new beak time

All done!

All done!

Spiral Candlesticks

We were commissioned to make a pair of spiral candlesticks, the clever part being that the holder can wind up the spiral as the candle burns down (design brought to us by the clients, based on an example they saw elsewhere). They are made to take 7cm diameter candles and are now off to grace a table in France.

The Tree coming together...

We've been welding up the forged parts of the boughs and branches and adding on the plasma cut leaves. This is a shot of the back of the trees just before we TIG welded it together, followed by one of it welded up. Now for the cleaning and copper leaves...